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Love Among Thieves
Directed by Roger Young
Produced by Robert Papazian
Karen MackStephanie Austin
Written by Stephen BlackHenry Stern
Starring Audrey HepburnRobert Wagner
Music by Arthur B. Rubinstein
Cinematography Gayne Rescher
Editing by James Mitchell
Distributed by Lorimar Productions
Running time 100 min.
Language English
Love Among Thieves is a made-for-television romantic-adventure motion picture that was produced by the ABC network in 1987.

The film starred Audrey Hepburn as the Baroness Caroline DuLac who finds herself involved in a jewel heist scheme with Mike Chambers (Robert Wagner), a con man who leaves her wondering who to trust. Meanwhile, the couple are pursued by Spicer (Jerry Orbach), a hired thug assigned to retrieve the loot.

Love Among Thieves is notable for several reasons. It was the only made-for-TV film in which Hepburn ever appeared (although she had done some live drama productions in the 1950s). It was also the last film in which she took a starring role (her next, and final film performance in 1989's Always was a cameo); it is also the first Hepburn film since 1976's Robin and Marian in which she is not part of a large ensemble cast. The film contains a number of intentional references to Hepburn's earlier films, mostly in dialogue, although the basic plot of the film borrows from her 1960s films Charade, Paris, When It Sizzles and How to Steal a Million. The film contains her final on-screen kiss (with Wagner).

The ending of the film left the door open for either a sequel or possibly even a series, but neither eventuated. Reportedly, Hepburn donated her salary to UNICEF.

As of 2009 it is one of the few Audrey Hepburn films not officially available anywhere on DVD.

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